OS 系统 Android only (安卓) Version 版本 1.0
Type 程序类型 YouTube Channel (中文频道) Creator 程序设计 Joe Tiew
Category 种类 Family (适合家庭大小) App Idea 原创构思 Joe Tiew

App require a lot of time developing, maintaining, updating, and supporting. If you like my app, please support me by rate it at GooglePlay and AppStore. If you found any problem, please consider to contact me with a brief description of the issue, where I might be able to find a solution and fix it on upcoming updates, please don’t leave negative feedback without giving me an opportunity to solve your problem. I can not help you or make improvements to the app without being informed properly. Thank you and I wish you have a great day! Enjoy!

设计, 更新 以及 支援 APP (应用程序) 是需要很长的时间和努力, 真心感谢您的支持。如果您喜欢我们的作品, 请给我们 “赞” (5颗星) 的评分和评语, 以鼓励我们在未来的日子里, 推出更多更好的 APP作品。如果您遇到任何问题, 请让我们知道, 这样我们可以更快速解决问题, 方便其他用户。请不要在还没有联络我们之前直接留下不好的留言和评分, 这样不但没有解决问题, 反而没有鼓励我们做得更好。我们珍惜每一个机会, 希望不断改善, 让更多人受益。感恩!

这是一个简单又免费的中文频道 APP, 内容包括:娱乐,搞笑与教育中文影像。 您不需要付任何订阅费用。频道健康内容适合小孩, 大人 和老人。谢谢您的下载和使用。如果您喜欢这个 APP, 请您给我们赞的评语, 这样会鼓励我们在未来推出更多更好的免费APP。

希望在繁忙的城市生活中, 您可以放慢脚步, 享受生活, 珍惜眼前的一切。


– 教育性影像
– 新闻与时事
– 音乐和娱乐
– 搞笑影像


Hightlights 主要特点

* Simple app and extra lightweight 简单, 轻巧的 APP
* Watch YouTube Channel 直接收看 YouTube 频道
* Watch from your mobile devices (Smartphone or Tablet) 在手机直接收看
* Regularly added new and fresh contents (stay alert) 一直增加新内容
* Fun & Educational videos (suitable for all level of age) 适合所有年龄
* Direct access to Yiki TV Google Plus 直接连接 Google Plus
* Direct access to Yiki TV Facebook 直接连接脸书

How to Download 如何下载安装

Please scan this QR Code with your Smartphone/ Tablet to download and install. This app also available at GooglePlay Store. 请使用您的智能手机/平板电脑 扫描以下的 QR 码以直接下载安装。您也可以在 GooglePlay 下载安装此应用程序也:


Joe Tiew is a passionate mobile app (Android) and web developer (WordPress), who also happen to own and run technology and travel blogs in few languages. He was a marketing manager in a web development firm for 7 years and used to work in IT industry for over 14 years.

He enjoys work that challenges him to learn something new and stretch in a different direction. He was student of UK's Internet Profit LLC, World Youtuber (Arigato Japan) and now a member of iPro Platinum.

Outside of the home-studio, he love travelling and meeting new people. He has documented his journey and people that he met along the way in his blog. 

He live in Malaysia and on healthy vegetarian diet.

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