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Hello and welcome back again in this video session I’m going to quickly show you how to install Google Analytics tracking code on a WordPress site simply we open up your favorite internet browser and and simply log into your Google Analytics account surely if you do not have Google Analytics account I made a video tutorial that takes you step-by-step showing you had to create one.

Ok so I will presume that you already have Google Analytics account and you just want to install your tracking code on a wordpress site don’t worry it’s pretty simple and I’ll also a give you couple hints keeps and as to concede the certain elements while you installing your tracking code on your WordPress site so basically load your Analytics account then locate menu option named admin press on it then will give you this interface because this is the latest interface for 2016 locate your analytics and under your property option you will have this menu option simply press on tracking info then locate tracking code then simply copy the JavaScript it gives you and then simply log into your WordPress site.

Ok and on the left hand side you have Appearance panel here then locate it and go into editor press on it and once you do there you have and issue template files and files that fire your WordPress site right near most templates use header dot PHP file ok simply locate that and press on it so that you can now edit it now where you should place this code is locate the end of yes the head element so simply locate that just on the WordPress head function.

Ok and just simply paste the code yet you’ve just copied from analytics that’s where it goes now this is universal tracking code can show you may have the classic tracking code makes no difference it still does there some people will tell you that you should place it all inside the body element or in the footer element and so on that’s correct you can split this code if its a synchronous code that you have which is the universal tracking code right but I strongly encourage you to simply places it there and forget about splitting and worrying about like where should place the code ok instead focus your energy on creating great content instead of wasting your time thinking about oh where should I place the code n so on ok the Google Analytics tracking code goes just before the closing of your head element here ok because this is header file that means once you save your changes now once you save that file now if you were to go and refresh your homepage and let’s look at the source code control u on Firefox now you will see that our tracking code is installed and regardless of which page that you visit it should be there as well as we can see it’s there now what will happen is you’ve basically installed Google tracking code on a WordPress site it is that simple and that’s all there is to it once again I don’t worry about splitting and all that stuff.

Ok that’s where the code goes and if you want to subscribe to my channel please go ahead and do so because I have some useful videos where you can learn how to take an advantage of Google Analytics and I’ve made video tutorials in such way that every webmaster regardless of their technical skills can benefit from such as: events tracking I will make more videos for you for that how to create goals how to conduct a/b testing and experiments and so on and how to really use Google Analytics because it can be quite overwhelming if you just started learning how to use Google Analytics Ok but I will make the whole process very easy for you so simply subscribe and I’ll talk to you very soon thank you very much happy rankings thank you bye bye!

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