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Hi and welcome to our blog. Let me start by introducing myself.



My name is Joe Tiew – an IT guy, currently living in the southern region of Malaysia. I am the founder of Du Studio (dustudio.com) which is a blog talking about Mobile Apps and WordPress. As we are all aware, Mobile Apps and WordPress have quickly becoming an essential tool for business in this digital age and I feel proud and humble to be able to share my knowledge in these topics.

Besides me, Amy is my partner and co-founder of QOBC Dot Com (our business website) and she mainly writing in our Chinese language blog.

We speak & write in English (most our clients’ language), Chinese Mandarin (our mother tongue) and Bahasa Malaysia (our National language).

We Enjoy Travelling And Reading

We love travelling simply because we love meeting new people, enjoying new experiences and seeing the world. We have visited a few Asia & Europe countries like : Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal and France.

Besides travelling, we also enjoy reading, especially those related to technology, mobile apps & travel news.

Joe Tiew at Istanbul, Hong Kong and Osaka

What we do?

We’re providing Mobile App (Android & iOS) and WordPress solutions. [Update 1/2/2016] Recently we have included video creation as part of our services. Please click here to read more about us.

QOBC Mobile Apps Solutions Malaysia

How to follow us or contact us?

You can subscribe to our e-newsletter where we will be sharing our experiences on related topics, including tips and tricks which could possibly helping you to avoid costly mistakes.You can also “Like” our Facebook or visit our Google Plus.

If you have any questions or comments that you want to share privately, please feel free to email us at : askjoe@qobc.com


My Skills

I was a marketing manager in a web development firm for 7 years and another 7 years in local IT firm. I enjoy work that challenge me to learn something new and stretch in a different direction.

I am now a freelancer and always travel around the world during school holidays. But don’t worry, you can reach me no matter where I am because I will bring my laptop, tablet and smartphone with me all the time.

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