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Every week, I received few emails from readers asking me about how to setup a wordpress blog/ website. Well, actually setup a blog or a business website is almost the same (just install different plugins and few settings changed only).  In this page, I will be sharing “The Essential Tools That I Personally Use” to setup a WordPress blog/ website from scratch. I will add more resources once I have tested and approved the tools/ vendors. I will never share anything that I never use at my own sites.

Side note : I do have an affiliate relationship with some of these tools/ vendors, which means I will earn a small commission if you purchase goods or services after clicking that link. It won’t cost you anything, but I do appreciate your support.

Please note that I only recommend products that I use or have thoroughly researched because my credibility online means everything to me. I take our responsibility as affiliates very seriously and make reviews and recommendations in good faith.

#1 Domain Name (Website Address)

First thing you have to do is decide on your website address (aka domain name). I would strongly advise you to register a domain name based on your company name, product name, brand name or any other name that can represent you. Example : A furniture factory in Singapore, “Furniture Direct Outlet” which market product brand name “The Forest Taste” is recommended to use the following website address :

– (based on company name)
– (based on brand name)
– (based on keyword)

Anyway, if the website address has been registered by your competitors, you have to look for different address. So you have to act fast. Once you have decided, please click below link to register your website address/ domain name.

NameCheap – my favourite domain registrar since 2004 | Click here |

#2 Hosting Account (Web Space)

Next, you have to buy (or subscribe) a hosting account. Hosting is a web space to store your website and to make sure everyone in the world can access to your website. It’s important to have a reliable and stable hosting, in order to make your website load faster and ready to receive hundreds or thousands of visitors every day.

HostMantis – I subscribed to few hosting accounts, one of them is HostMantis which I used more than 1 year now. | Click here to visit HostMantis website. Note : you can use any hosting service that support WordPress, but please make sure they support 1-click WordPress installation, otherwise you have to spend few hours extra to do it manually.

#3 WordPress

Most of web hosting come with with “1-click” WordPress software installation (Example : HostMantis). If your hosting service provider does not come with this feature, you have to manually download the software, upload to your hosting and install it.

If you purchase HostMantis or any hosting that allow 1-click installation, please refer to this quick guide here.


Download your FREE WordPress software here :

Alternatively, if you don’t want to do it yourself (DIY), you can hire us to do it for you. Please click here to check our service charge.

If this is first time you heard about WordPress, the World No 1 CMS platform (Powered over 60 millions websites), please click here to read more :

#4 WP Theme

There are over ten thousands of FREE WP themes and thousands of Premium Paid WP themes in WP MarketPlace (you can access to this area from your WP admin panel). Having said that, not all WP themes are responsive (or mobile-friendly), so you have to carefully choose the right theme to avoid big problem when it come to mobile compatibility. Even though many new themes (developed by end of 2015/ 2016) are responsive, but I found that most of them not stable or mature yet.

It’s depend on your budget, if you would like to go for FREE theme, please do this : (1) Login to your WordPress admin (2) Go to “Appearance” (3) Then Click at “Themes”  (4) Choose your theme & Install.

If you’d like to go for quality premium theme, I would like to suggest Divi theme by Elegant Themes | Click here |.

Honestly, I have tested over 50 WP themes & wasted countless hours over past 2 years, and finally I still feel that Divi and few more themes that developed by Elegant Themes still the best. Elegant Themes is one of the trusted and popular WP theme developer (please google them to read more about them).

Divi WordPress Theme

Please don’t waste your time on useless WP theme (lack of support and unstable theme), instead focus on your business/ marketing. I tell you this because I was in your shoe 1-2 years ago, please don’t repeat my mistake.

#5 WP Plugins

I always used these two (2) powerful premium plugin : Monarch Social Network plugin and Bloom Newsletter plugin, besides few others plugins that I purchased from CodeCanyon, one of the the world largest WP plugins collection.

If you have limited budget, don’t worry, you can skip all these premium plugin for now, instead go for FREE plugins. Even though free plugins may have lesser features, but most of them are working well.

TIPS : Please always look for “trusted” developer’s plugin, otherwise you may face plugin security and stability issue.

Here are list of my favorite FREE plugins (you can upgrade to premium if you want). I always installed these WP plugins for my clients (and used them at my own sites as well) :

  1. Yoast SEO – easy way to boost any WP site basic SEO
  2. WordFence – great security & protection tool which trusted by millions of users worldwide
  3. TinyMCE Advanced – simple plugin that will enrich your text editor experience
  4. Google Analytics Desktop for WP – Easily monitor your website visitors stats
  5. WP-Optimizer – Help to optimize your WP database
  6. Form 7 – Very handy tool to create contact form or feedback form

Here are my favorite premium plugins (I used them at my own sites and most of my clients’ sites) :

Bloom Email Optin Plugin Monarch Social Sharing Plugin code_canyon_125x125

GREAT SAVING : We own “Developer License” for some of these premium plugins, therefore we will install them for our clients without extra cost.  By hiring us to install and configure your WordPress website, I will install Bloom and Monarch for you without extra cost (save $69). | Check this offer |

#6 WP Settings & Configuration

If you decide to do by yourself (DIY), I would like to suggest you to subscribe to my e-newsletter and follow me. I will post latest tips, insider news and special offer on every monthly.

Here are few recommended basic configurations :

  1. Please either enable or disable your comment (Default : enable)
  2. Please include “month and year” as your post category (for better SEO)
  3. Please configure your users access level
  4. Please generate sitemap
  5. Please properly configure your default image sizes

Confuse? You need help? Don’t worry, you can just outsource this part to us | Read more |

#7 WP Website Layout (Pre-loaded)

We are almost reach the end of the process, now, you have to create website layout and upload the website contents. There are two options to do these :

(1) Standard method – to create website layout from scratch (taken longer time) or
(2) Shortcut method – buy ready website layout and apply (few minutes work)

For your info, I always design new website layout whenever I have spare time. Even though this website layout cost in between $100 to $300 in the MarketPlace, I always giveaway for free to my client that purchase installation service.

If you want this FREE website layout, please check details here.


#8 Website Content Updates

This is final part.

Get all your website contents ready, login to admin panel, then “copy & paste” the contents to your website pages. Once all contents uploaded, your website is ready to publish.

The main advantage of this website is … you can update your website contents anytime, anywhere (internet connection is required). You are free to do it unlimited time without extra cost 🙂

Anyway, if you are busy or any reason you don’t want to do it yourself, you can outsource this part to us. | Read more here |

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    WordPress (WP) – World No 1 CMS Platform

    WP is World No 1 CMS (content management system) platform with over 1 million business users, and powered more than 60 millions websites worldwide. CMS is a system that enable admin to login to website backend to update website contents (change text/ images).

    There are many CMS platform in the world, some of them are available for free (example : WordPress), while some of them cost in between $100 to $1000 or more. I have personally tested more than 10 CMS platforms and finally I decided to stick with WordPress because of flexibility, big collections of themes/ plugins and expandable.

    Exclusive bonus :: If you hire me to install and configure your WP (either website or blog), I will include full version of Divi Builder (a premium paid website builder plugin), Bloom and Monarch premium plugins (worth $69)**, and provide free video tutorials to guide you how to start.

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