Today let’s discuss about blog setup for beginner.

For the new blogger, choosing a blogging platform can be a challenging prospect because there are a wide variety of blogging sites available for you to use. Most of them are free.

By far, the biggest and most popular blogging platform is WordPress. I would strongly recommend this “Open Source” platform because it comes with tons of instructional videos and guides to help you get your blog up and running in less than 30-minutes (I assume you already own a domain name & hosting account).

If you do not own a domain name or hosting account yet, please read below for recommendation.

If you are new to blogging or don’t have a lot of experience working with code and web page design, WordPress is a good choice because everything on the site is essentially point and click and drag and drop. You can choose from more  than a thousand free “themes”.

WordPress allows you to add custom functions to your themes and create plug-ins, such as linking your blog to your Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s easy to add polls or contests to your blog. Plus you can use keywords and tags to make it easy for users to search through your blog postings.

Blog Setup in 30-Minutes

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t own a domain name or hosting account yet, you may need extra 30 minutes to register both of them.

Step 1 | 20 minutes (I assume you already own a domain name and hosting account)

  • Login to your cPanel (hosting control panel)
  • Click at WordPress icon or Softaculous (most of hosting come with this installer)
  • Enter the blank (title, description etc) ~ you still can change it later
  • Complete installation will take 3-5 minutes

Blog Setup Guide

WP Setup Guide
Step 2 | 5 minutes

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel
  • Choose your preferred theme
  • PS: There are thousands of FREE theme, you may spend few hours to choose a theme or just use “default theme” (I assume you will use default theme)

Step 3 | 15 minutes

  • Create your post category
  • Optional to change the default settings (like date format etc)
  • Start posting your first ever post

No Domain & Hosting account yet?

If you do not own a domain name or hosting account yet, I would like to recommend you to use the same domain & hosting that I currently used here.

Register a domain
Why? Besides GoDaddy, NameCheap is the best domain registrar that offer good customer support. I used both GoDaddy and NameCheap since 5 years ago.

Signup a hosting

HostMantis is one of most reliable hosting company (you can search at Google to see their customer feedbacks).

Before HostMantis, I used more than 7 other hosting companies, some of them provide quite good support, but unfortunately too costly (2x to 3x higher cost).

Besides HostMantis, if you want cheaper alternative, you may check at HostBudget offer very affordable hosting plan at as low as $0.75/month only (70% lower than industry standard rate).

If you have any feedback or suggestion, please share here.

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