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Essential Vitamins Quick Guide

This is eBook app that explain about importance of Vitamin in our body. It’s no secret that human body goes through some major changes as you get older. The vitamins you need are no exception. There are few essential vitamins for infant, adult and senior. These essential nutrients play a role in all the basic jobs your body does every day, each one taking care of specific tasks.

Most of the time, you can stay healthy with some simple changes in your lifestyle or environment. Take care friend.

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Android Apps Vitamins Guide

Android Apps Vitamins Guide

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Explain in plain language and easy to use as Vitamins Quick Guide.
This Essential Vitamin Guide is for Infant, Adult &
Senior, it will cover 9 chapters :

# Introduction about Vitamins
# The Role of Vitamins
# The Risk of Vitamins Deficiency
# Type of Vitamins
# Source of Vitamins From Food
# Choosing The Right Vitamins
# Vitamins for Infant
# Vitamins for Adult
# Vitamins for Senior
# Avoid Vitamins Overdose

This ultimate simple and useful guide will help you to know more about vitamins role and its importance in your body.

* User friendly – Divided into 9 Chapters and Conclusion
* Content menu in every chapters
* Quiz & Top scorer
* Built-in Memory games
* Built-in “Note” (write down what you’ve read)
* Lightweight, small size apk


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My Next App

As mentioned above, I will release a simple & fun games app next week. At the same time, I’m planning on new ebook app, I will keep you update soon.

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