I’m sorry for delay in releasing my new app this week, I was away for few days. Anyway, I will keep everyone updated on my progress.


Two apps will be released soon

One is simple and fun games app and the other one is an eBook app about “budget travel”.

If you’ve read my profile (about me), you will know that I love travelling. I have visited a few countries since 2006 like : Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, Korea, Japan & Turkey. Since I stay in Malaysia, I also regularly drive to neighbouring countries like Singapore & Thailand ~ my driving license allowed me to drive in Singapore & Thailand πŸ™‚

I will visit Europe by this year end.
If you have visited Europe before, please recommend me which countries should I visit? Please write in the comment field below, thanks!


My Travel Resources

A lot of my friends asking about “How I Book My Hotel, Flight Ticket Etc Online?”, OK, let me share my travel resources here.

Hotel & Accomodation

Depend on destination and who I travel with, I will stay at different hotels or homestay. Last year when I visited Japan (Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo), I booked my accommodation through airbnb.com.

My favourite hotels site is agoda.com, I used this site for hotel booking in Korea, China and Istanbul (Turkey).

airbnb.com – budget homestay to luxury apartment/ home
agoda.com – thousands of hotels ranging from budget to luxury

IMPORTANT : If you want to make booking at Airbnb, please use above link to get special rebate (for first time user only).

Flight Ticket

I used skyscanner.com.
This is very powerful site which will help you to compare air tickets from different airlines companies, so it will definitely save your time & money. And the best part is …. it’s FREE.

So far I never drive in foreign countries (except Singapore/ Thailand), so I can’t recommend any of them. I will only sharing something that I personally used before πŸ™‚

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