Perfect Solutions for Entrepreneurs


What do we have to offer to local entrepreneurs?

We create awesome products and services that are here to stay, and we invest in things that will always be relevant to our customers.

New WordPress Website

We will set up your WP website (or blog), and will pre-install the best selling Divi theme^, premium Divi plugin^ and more  (^Premium version)

Upgrade or Fix Website

We can upgrade your existing WP website or fixing any website error, to install a new function, and update any old version theme and plugin.


Existing Website Owner

Attention to existing WP website owner! We can maintain & update your website contents while you focus on your business. 

Let your website work smarter …

Make your website smarter, not just work harder.

Smart Form & Cost Estimator

Smart form can make your website smarter. Ie: calculate the cost of software development cost, estimate the repair cost, installation cost etc. 


Smart ChatBot works 24/7

Smart ChatBot can provide a quick answer to your visitors’ common questions, and reducing customer service and support.

Corporate or Product Video

We create a simple yet clear message video for your company presentation or any product explanation.

FB Contents to Any Website

Displaying Facebook contents (auto-feed latest FB data) at your website. Make your website always up to date with the latest FB post.

WhatsApp Chat on Website

Put WhatsApp button at your website and let your visitor to just 1-click to reach you. Support on both Desktop and Smartphone WhatsApp.


YT Channel on Website

Let your fan to watch your YouTube channel on your website. Or can create an online tutorial video course (with or without password protection).


Product or Image Hotspot

A powerful way to explain a specific part of an image, or an easy way to create a sales item based on a product image. 

Before & After Picture

Add two pictures (before & after) to showcase your product or service effectiveness. It’s simple and self-explained.

Event & Calendar on Website

Displaying Google Calendar on your website so your potential customers can book an available date for a job or meeting.