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Pre-Purchase & Sales FAQs

Please read our FAQs for a quick answer.

How fast is your support?

No one like bad support, neither us. We usually respond within 24 hours (of faster) during working days (Monday to Thursday). It will take longer on weekend because we have family too, we will try our best to respond soonest possible once available.

I have a big project on hand, can we work together?

I’m sorry to say no! We are just a small-sized agency which specialize in small to medium project.
Since 2004, quality is our priority and we are proud to deliver over thousands of projects.

Why your price is so affordable?

To be honest, we are operating from a Smart Home Office (SHO) since before Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. These low-cost setups help us to cut down unnecessary costs and return the savings to our customers.

While most of the other web & digital companies spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing gimmicks, pay a high salary to CEO and admin team, our philosophy is that we would rather improve the customer experience and rely on repeat business …”

Are you operating from outside of the US/ Europe?

Yes, we are operating from a beautiful city in southern of Malaysia. We are just 30 minutes away from Singapore. You can check our location from Contact Page, just scroll to Map.

Unlike many business owners, they prefer to hide their location. But we prefer to be transparant. In our opinion, it’s nothing wrong to operate from outside of the US/ Europe.

I can't update my website contents

First of all, you must have a valid username & password in order to access to admin panel. From there, you can simply click on “Pages” and then select a page to update.

Please visit our Tutorial page, we have tons of videos on how to update your website contents.

Can I add additional page on my website?

The answer of course is “yes”. We developed your website on the world #1 most flexible platform.

However, if you are not a designer or web developer, we do not encourage you to do it yourself. Please contact us or get a qualify web developer to do it for you.

Why we offer better value …

We are inspired to do great work because we truly believe in “the best value” will always win.

Trusted Brand Name

We don’t just sell a products, we sell a brand name that trusted since 2004. When you buy from us, you buy a good quality product.

Good Quality Support

We understand “Bad support” can destroy your investment and happiness. We promise to provide a good quality support.

Build With Love

We strongly believe in “Do what you love“. Where there is love and inspiration, we don’t think we can go wrong.

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